3 Month Time Deposit Rates

Highest Interest Rates on 3 Month Fixed Deposits in Singapore

Deposit Account Type APY Account Details
Maybank Singapore 3 Month Time Deposit0.3500% The interest rate yield offered by Maybank requires a minimum deposit of S$ 1,000 for this 3 mont - SGD - Feb, 2015More Info
DBS Singapore 3 Month Fixed Deposit0.10% The SGD interest rate below is for a deposit balance required above $1000 and for a 3 month term - SGD - Feb, 2015More Info
Standard Chartered Bank Singapore 3 Month Time Deposit0.10% The 3 month TD interest rate requires the an initial deposit of S$5000 - SGD - Feb, 2015More Info
OCBC 3 Month Time Deposit0.100% The FD Interest Rate is for a deposit investment of >$20,000 - S$999,999 and period 3 5 mths - SGD - Feb, 2015More Info
HSBC Singapore 3 Month Time Deposit0.10% The 2 month/60 day FD is HSBC's second smallest tenor and requires a minimum of 5,000 SGD to open - SGD - Feb, 2015More Info
Citibank Singapore 3 Month Time Deposit0.08% Interest rate for this short term tenor of 3 months/ 90 days and requires a minimum 10,000 SGD - SGD - Feb, 2015More Info