Singapore Loans

Provider Rate Type
DBS Singapore HDB Home Loan

  • Enjoy interest rate lower than or capped at prevailing CPF OA rate at 2.5% p.a. * for the first 8 years
  • For the next 8 years, interest rate is at least 0.1% lower than the HDB concessionary interest rate
  • No prepayment fee

For more information please visit the DBS Singapore website.

APR 1.85%
Feb 2018
CIMB Singapore 1 Year Personal Loan

Rates apply to loan amounts of S$50,000 and above.

APR 4.85%
Mar 2018
HSBC Singapore Personal Loan

Rate is for HSBC Premier customers

APR 3.80%
Mar 2017
Maybank Singapore Home Loan

Rate is for the residential loan product and requires the applicant to be a minimum of 21 years as well as a either a Singapore resident, citizen or foreigner (private property). This also known as the SRFR or Singapore Residential Financial Rate and is issued by Maybank for new and existing customers.

APR 3.88%
Dec 2016
Citibank Singapore Personal Loan

Rate is for for Citibank customers who alsdo apply for Citibank ready credit account with $5000 minimum and 36 months loan term.

APR 8.50%
Feb 2018
Synchrony Bank
Savings Account
1.65 % APY
Start Saving
Discover Bank
Savings Account
1.55 % APY
Start Saving
Synchrony Bank
CD 60 Months
2.85 % APY
Start Saving