Singapore Savings Accounts

Provider Rate Type Updated
CIMB Singapore Savings Account

This savings account is the CIMB StarSaver that requires you to be at least 16 years or more and S$1000 minimum deposit.

It also requires to get the rate to top up the month-end balance of increasing ingbalance with monthly deposits of a minimum amount or putting periodic lump sum deposits.

-Mar 2018
OCBC Savings Accounts

The rate is for the MSA Flexible Plan and requires a minimum monthly saving of $50 in increments of S$10 up with a maximum of S$5000. Note if you make any withdrawals, interest will be 0.1% a year in the month of withdrawal.

-Feb 2018
Bank Negara Indonesia Singapore Savings Account

Rates apply to deposit balance above Sin$100,001.00

-Jun 2018
SBI Singapore Savings Special Account

Rate indicated is based on the Savings Special Account product. This rate is for the balance tier of SGD50,000 and above. 

-May 2018
Maybank Singapore Savings Account

Rate indicated is based on the Savings Account product and is for the remaining balance above S$50,000. The interest rate for the first S$50,000 is 0.1875%.

-Jun 2018
Citibank Singapore Savings Account

Enjoy more interest � start saving your salary from a base rate of 0.01% p.a. and step up to 0.13% p.a.* when you save more each month.

Minimum Initial Deposit S$2,000

-Aug 2019
DBS Singapore Savings Account

This rate relates to the DBS 'eSavings Plus Account'. It earns daily interest and includes a debit card. No initial deposit is required a required for individuals more than 16 years old. It has a fee of $2 if the balance falls below $1000.

-Feb 2018
POSB SRS Account

This Interest rate is appliable for savings within this POSB Singaporean Supplementary Retirement Scheme SRS account.

-Aug 2019
HSBC Singapore Savings Account

Minimum balance 4,999.99 SGD.

-Mar 2017