Singapore Interest Rates

The Singapore economy with a population of 5.076 Million (Est 2010) ranks 45th in the world with a GDP PPP of 238 billion and GDP PPP per capita of 50,180 vs 45,934 (United States) according to the IMF in 2009. Its currency is the Singapore Dollar (SGD). According to its inflation was 6.6% in 2008 and 0.2% in 2009.

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Singapore Bank Interest Rates

Showing rates for 27 Bank deposit providers in Singapore.
Provider Branch Founded Ownership
DBS DBS 80 1968 Local
OCBC OCBC 55 1932 Local
POSB POSB 53 1877 Local
Maybank Singapore Maybank Singapore 22 1960 Foreign
Citibank Singapore Citibank Singapore 22 1902 Foreign
Standard Chartered Bank Singapore Standard Chartered Bank Singapore 19 1859 Foreign
HSBC Singapore HSBC Singapore 9 1877 N/A
RHB Bank Singapore RHB Bank Singapore 7 1961 Foreign
SBI Singapore SBI Singapore 7 1977 Foreign
ANZ Singapore ANZ Singapore 4 1974 Foreign

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