Singapore Interest Rates

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Singapore Bank Interest Rates

Provider Branch Founded Ownership
DBS DBS 80 1968 Local
OCBC OCBC 55 1932 Local
POSB POSB 53 1877 Local
Maybank Singapore Maybank Singapore 22 1960 Foreign
Citibank Singapore Citibank Singapore 22 1902 Foreign
Standard Chartered Bank Singapore Standard Chartered Bank Singapore 19 1859 Foreign
HSBC Singapore HSBC Singapore 9 1877 N/A
RHB Bank Singapore RHB Bank Singapore 7 1961 Foreign
SBI Singapore SBI Singapore 7 1977 Foreign
ANZ Singapore ANZ Singapore 4 1974 Foreign

Singapore Discussion Activity

  • ANZ Singapore
    Q: i have ANZ acc in Australia n i want open in Singapore... I am Malaysian and ist possible for me to open ANZ acc in Singapore?wat is the procedure to open?

    Reply Ganehbalaguru from Malaysia
  • Bank Of America Singapore
    Q: I wish to open a corporate bank account at the BoA in Singapore for my Singapore company. Please advise the phone number and department I should call. Are you open today?

    Reply William from Tacoma, United States
  • National Australia Bank Singapore
    Q: Hi, Im representing a Singapore firm, with main business in commodities financing and trading. We are exploring more banking support and facilities. Wondering if NAB would be interested to bank us. Thanks!

    Reply TERENCE from Singapore
  • Savings
    Q: Work permit holders can open saving account at OCBc? Hw much the minimu deposit in SG?

    Reply Ilamaran from Malaysia
  • American Express Singapore - Credit
    Q: i am using amex credit card loan , can use cash back installment plan loan

    Reply arul from Singapore, Singapore
  • Bank Of America Singapore
    Q: I am a US citizen resident in Los Angeles, CA. Is it possible for me to open a checking account in B of A in Singapore? I am an attorney and will use this account as an escrow to distribute approximately $X million (US) to various beneficiaries. If possible can I open the account from Los Angeles. I am already a US B of A customer

    Reply Jerald from Woodland Hills, United States
  • Bank Of America Singapore
    Q: A customer of mine who is an American Citizen is maintaining an account with your Branch in America. They could like to open an account with you so that it is easier to route the transactions. Please let us know how to go about it. Alternatively, if the customer presents an cheque of his from your branch in America to us, how do we go about getting the funds . Please assist.

    Reply Private from Singapore, Singapore
  • Bank Of America Singapore
    Q: My husband has a USA BoA account. Can I come in to the BoA branch in Singapore n be added to his account? I am an Australian citizen n am not a US citizen n do not have a social security number. Please advise Tara

    Reply Tara from Sydney, Australia
  • Bank Of America Singapore
    Q: Can we deposit USD cash over the counter to an account opened in America. If yes, what are the charges. Also, i am not the account holder. Please advise.

    Reply Geraldine from Singapore, Singapore
  • Bank Of America Singapore
    Q: I have a few pics of old US$100 notes, can I change to the new notes or Singapore currency in your bank, please advice. Thank You very much.

    Reply Ooi from Singapore, Singapore